Strategy Builder

A magical environment that helps developing and running your strategies in a fraction of time and with a fraction of effort otherwise.

Strongly believing in and endorsing the “wisdom of crowds”, Wisdomise is not going to be the sole generator and provider of intelligence in the ecosystem it is building. While numerous third-party intelligence sources are already accessible through Athena (i.e. the chatbot interface), in the near future, pro traders, quant strategists, and micro asset managers are provided with a set of state-of-the-art tools to codify their trading and portfolio strategies (in a fraction of the time that would otherwise take them to do the same), augment/combine these strategies with proprietary, plug-and-play AI features, real-time backtest and fine-tune them, and finally push them into production under their own name. This will turn Wisdomise into the first AI-powered social wealth management platform.

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