A predictive and interactive chatbot that serves as your trusted investment gateway and becomes more acquainted with your preferences over time.

Athena, named after the ancient Goddess of intelligence and wisdom, is a next-gen chatbot that encompasses both generative as well as predictive aspects of AI to guide users with their questions and inquiries about financial markets and products. Athena retrains and fine-tunes a handful of the existing (and evolving) proprietary as well as open-source LLMs (Large Language Models) to better suit the needs of users who seek knowledge of the financial markets and potentially (actively or passively) consider investment in them.

Athena is fed with proprietary intelligence generated in-house by the Wisdomise team as well as real-time data generated by trusted third-party sources to be able to provide accurate and timely information to users across three broad categories:

(1) Intelligence: generative and predictive intelligence on the relevant news and their effects on the financial markets, real-time NFT ranks, whitepaper analysis, wallet analysis, educational content, technical market analysis, market sentiments, and updates on DeFi protocols and investment opportunities, which provides users with knowledge and awareness about financial markets

(2) Advisory: market predictions, volatility predictions, risk analysis, premium trading signals, portfolio optimization, trend detection, and smart notifications and alarms, which helps users make more informed investment decisions

(3) Execution: performing certain finance-related tasks on behalf of the user in an automated or semi-automated fashion (e.g. asset transfer, asset swapping, portfolio construction, liquid staking, and DeFi borrowing/lending), which saves users considerable time and hassles.

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