What is Wisdomise?

Your preferred AI-powered, one-stop-shop platform for financial intelligence and investment, whether you are a finance enthusiast, an active trader, or a passive investor.


Wisdomise is an all-in-one, AI-powered platform offering users curated intelligence and exposure to investment opportunities in digital assets (to begin with) and later other financial markets. Achieving this goal will be one step ahead towards “democratizing wealth creation”, improving financial inclusion globally and making everyone a better investor. At Wisdomise, we know that this is a big vision and needs the support of the community of our users and ecosystem partners to achieve it.

In this litepaper, we briefly elaborate on the core problem at hand, how we aim to solve for it at Wisdomise, and some details on our proposed token economics.

The Problem

Access to financial products, especially investment and wealth management opportunities, is far from being inclusive these days. Many people are still completely unbanked and among those who are banked, only a small fraction have access to structured financial products and passive investment opportunities. This is primarily due to a number of key factors. First of all, the current structure of financial markets presents substantial (capital and regulatory) barriers to entry for potential participants therein. Furthermore, profitable, risk-controlled investment would require specialized skillsets, significant time and dedication, and access to more and better sources of information (and these are surely not given for most people).

Moreover, the abundance of (structured and unstructured) sources of data and multiplicity of actors and factors that influence financial markets make it certainly impossible for individuals to outperform (at least, without the serious assistance of the relevant technologies).

Last but not least, the hyperdynamic and fast changing nature of the financial markets necessitates the need for constant learning and adaptation, which is beyond the capacity of most investors, especially the less active and professional ones. These challenges lead to wealth management becoming a full-time job on its own, an exclusive club for a few, and a big dream for the masses.

The Solution

The problem at hand can be tackled in different ways and we, at Wisdomise, aim to solve it from three angles: (1) reducing information asymmetry and knowledge gaps by offering well-curated and structured intelligence to our users, (2) enabling the “wisdom of crowds” for the benefit of crowds, and (3) leveraging advanced technologies, in particular Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Conversational Finance (CF), to facilitate better and more profitable exposure to financial markets.

Aiming to build a more universal solution, we target three broad categories of users on the Wisdomise platform: (1) finance/crypto enthusiasts who are interested and/or curious about financial markets/assets and constantly follow them, (2) passive investors who invest in financial markets without necessarily taking an active role in them by trusting other parties, and (3) active investors who participate more actively in financial markets and attempt to reap supernormal profits out of them. Wisdomise has something to offer for each of these categories. For finance enthusiasts, we offer a variety of information sources, typically synthesized and visualized in a more engaging and informing manner. Examples include news, market sentiments, and educational content. For passive investors, we offer a series of proven financial products, developed by Wisdomise itself or third-party developers on the platform, potentially generating passive income for these investors. For active investors, we offer specialized tools and data, such as premium signals and indicators, portfolio optimization, and real-time strategy building and backtesting features.

The Role of Technology

At Wisdomise, we strongly believe that AI and its contributions to CF* are the most recent contenders in the world of wealth management. While algo and quant methods have been present for some time, AI-powered wealth management is the newcomer on the scene, particularly with recent advancements in the field that have illuminated AI’s potential impact on financial matters.

What ChatGPT in particular, and generative AI in general, are doing to several service and professional industries, predictive AI will soon do to full-supervised and human-controlled asset management. In contrast to the more static and predefined nature of algo and quant approaches, the dynamic and self-adaptive/self-learning essence of AI represents a paradigm shift in the traditional perspective of the asset management industry. Despite the complexity and experimental nature of these advanced technologies, Wisdomise has had a firm belief in their game-changing potential from the outset, embarking on our development journey three years ago. Although the outcomes of our work are already accessible to the community, we are merely scratching the surface and have the capacity to achieve much more with the support of the community.

We share a profound belief in the synergies between blockchain and AI and their potential to significantly enhance our well-being and quality of life in the years ahead. * “Conversational Finance” is the bilateral communication and interaction between users/customers and financial services providers or other intermediary parties through non-human agents that enable real-time information-sharing, advisory, and automation of financial inquiries and tasks.

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